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HB 52-CS won't power on

I have a Hampton Bay 52-CS that has stopped working completely.  Using a proximity power sensor,  I first checked the wall switch and it was receiving power.  I then checked the power at the fixture, and it was not receiving power.  I've replaced the switch, and now the fixture is receiving power.  I have changed the batteries in the remote and verified that the dip switches are the same on both the remote and the receiver.   Does anyone have ideas on what to try next?   This fan was already installed when I bought the house 2 years ago, so I do not have receipts or know when it was installed.  Thanks in advance for the help.



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Posted 2013-10-14T01:38:11+0000  by tracyr15 tracyr15

Hi Tracy!


No worries about the receipt or age of the fan. If parts are still available for the unit, you can just purchase them for the repair. The only thing we need you to locate is the 12 digit UPC from the top of the fan so we know exactly which unit you have to order the exact parts & get tech support for it. I have attached a picture of the UPC sticker to this post so once you locate it, please give our Hampton Bay Customer Service team a call at 877-527-0313. They will be able to troubleshoot the issues with you & locate parts if needed.


If you aren't able to find the UPC, then please take a picture of the entire fan & you will be able to email to the agent when you call in so he/she can attempt to ID.


Posted 2013-10-14T13:58:37+0000  by THDCustomerCare

I spoke with the Hampton Bay customer service team, and then instructed me to remove the receiver and see if the fan and light both worked.  I did, and they did.   I then ordered a receiver, and installed it, and still no dice.  Does this now look like it's a remote control issue?   The batteries are fresh, the switches match the receiver, and the display is on on the receiver, but nothing will come on (although the fan does make a slight buzzing sound when the wall switch is on).   Is it possible to just wire both the fan and the light to their own dimmers and call it a day?




Posted 2013-11-05T13:51:23+0000  by tracyr15

Hey Tracy,


I'm glad you reached out to Hampton Bay for troubleshooting your fan. I'm glad that at least the fan is working via direct wiring.


While you can straight wire the fan and light as you wish, the only other option I have is if the transmitter (remote control) is not new. I'm not sure if you purchased both receiver and remote, but I always opt for replacing both so as to eliminate any issues with troubleshooting.


Was there a new remote that you used? If there was, then I'm out of options other than checking all wire connections on the fan. If you didn't, you can order a new one to ensure it works.


Hope that everything works out for you, and please update us on your situation.




Posted 2013-11-06T19:36:49+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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