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HB ceiling fan with upper and lower lights

I am trying to replace the switch for the model # 52-CS HamptonBay ceiling fan. It is the only thing I can think would be wrong if the light nor fan turn on with any remote. The remote I have for my room works on my other fans that are the same. Does any one know how to replace the switch its not like a normal light switch.:smileyindifferent:

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Posted 2011-06-23T23:08:13+0000  by tonick24 tonick24

Hello tonick24 and welcome to The Community!  We are glad that you are here. 


To better help you with the switch replacement, we need to identify the exact model of the Hampton Bay ceiling fan.  The model “52-CS” may refer to the size (52”) and the 2 letter identifier usually refers to the finish of the ceiling fan – but “CS” is not a finish option.  Can you locate the sticker on top of the motor housing with a 12 digit UPC code (all numbers – no letters)?  You will need this code to identify the exact manufacturer and model of the fan so we can troubleshoot, recommend the correct switch, and proper replacement procedures.


If the ceiling fan originally came with the remote control, the above UPC will give us the information needed to troubleshoot the unit.  If you purchased the remote separately, we will need the serial number on the battery pack to assist you. 


The Hampton Bay Customer Service team can be reached at 1-877-902-5588 directly for fastest assistance.


Best wishes and please keep us posted on your progress. 

Posted 2011-06-24T15:19:01+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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