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HD Paint Pros - Need Help with Color

I'm finishing a basement for a customer and she's decided on "Marino Wool" for the walls but doesn't want any kind of "ultra bright white" for the trim and doors.  I suggested she "split the difference" and pick a color somewhere between "white" and "wool" so the trim and doors aren't "white" but there's still a contrast.


Any suggestions as to what color will accomplish this goal?

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Posted 2013-08-23T00:59:06+0000  by Adam444 Adam444



I personally like tone on tone paint schemes, but the difference should be discernable as a separate tone, and not just look as if the paint were mismatched.


If the paint is very light, there is certainly nothing wrong in using it on the woodwork too, but in a higher, semi-gloss sheen. The sheen alone will highlight the woodwork.


I rarely used a stark white such as Ultra Pure White on woodwork. Frankly, it is too stark. The only time I used a pure white was next to pastel colors, where any graying of the white looks terrible.


Behr has several off whites in its Off Whites Broschure which might look good. Take a look at Decorators White. It has just a little raw umber and Yellow oxide to take the edge of the Ultra Pure white.


Hope this helps


Posted 2013-08-23T04:08:24+0000  by ordjen

Contrasting color (no matter how subtle) between walls and trim/doors is great in large rooms where you might intentionally want to draw attention to those details but by the same token, they can also make a small room appear even smaller or chopped up. Personally, when you are refering to paints in the 'white' family, using a contrasting color for trim oftens makes it just appear to be dirty or dusty. I would recommend using the same Marino Wool color on both the walls and trim.

Posted 2013-08-23T09:30:31+0000  by Scorpioforu

Stopped by the local orange box and first asked if they had a larger chip of Merino Wool.  Nope, only the 1" on in the brochure.  Look at some other colors and settled on White Truffle (which is darn close to Swiss Coffee but to my eye a hair darker).  Picked up a couple of samples and will put them on the wall and let the customer decide.  Personally I think they will look good together.

Posted 2013-08-27T03:21:55+0000  by Adam444
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