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HD ad that included tip on cleaning paint brushes

I recently saw a Home Depot ad on TV that included a tip on cleaning paint brushes using fabric softener. I missed part of it but was hoping someone know what that tip was? Looked like a good way to clean brushes. Does anybody know that tip? 

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Posted 2013-09-29T15:36:38+0000  by Gunnar Gunnar

Hi Gunnar,


The tip is to mix 1/2 cup fabric softener in a gallon of water. Then after scraping as much paint of the brush as possible rinse the brush in the fabric softener/water mixture.


The fabric softener is a surfactant, and helps dissolve the paint in the brush.


This only works for brushes used to apply latex paint, brushes used for oil based paint should be cleaned with paint thinner.



Posted 2013-09-30T17:14:02+0000  by Mike_HD_OC



There is an old saying, " an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Latex / acrylic paint washes out extremely easily if it is not allowed to harden in the heel of the brush. Stop aa soon as you see the paint starting to harden. It literally only takes a minute at the laundry sink to clean a brush out. The water can then be spun out or kicked out of the brush on the toe of your shoe and then be put right back in the paint.


I use warm water and a couple drops of dish washing liquid or laundrydetergent to aid in dispersing the paint and colorant.


If further encouragement is neccessry to soften the paint, you can suspend a brush with its bristles only in warm soapy water. To this end, you can drill an extra hole in the handle and run a piece of coat hanger wire through it to suspend it on the rim of the bucket at the proper height. I have actually heard of people suspending their brushes on the rim of a crock pot overnight. Acrylic paints to not hold up will in warm, wet environments. The same trick will work for stripping old latex paint of door hinges, etc.


Musings of an ol' contractor.

Posted 2013-10-01T01:11:01+0000  by ordjen
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