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HELP! Cats scratched door frames need to repair or replace...HOW?

Two cats have scratched door frames down to wood. How can I repair this or replace them? 

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Posted 2013-11-23T11:35:42+0000  by mariannatexasus mariannatexasus

Hey mariannatexasus,


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I'd say it would be easier on your wallet and effort to simply repair the scratches. Even if the cats scratched the door repeatedly, there's very little chance that it would be damaged beyond repair.


First, I would recommend to use a sanding sponge or fine steel wool to remove any gouges caused by the scratches.

Once the scratches are smoothed out via sandpaper/steel wool, you can then apply a high quality spackling to fill in the scratches. Any loose pieces of the door need to be removed so the next item can effectively go on it.


One I recommend is shown below. Apply if with a flexible putty knife to ensure it goes into the voids caused by the scratching.This isn't typical spackling for drywall. This can even be used on metal, its that tough!


Click on the picture for more information.


Once this is applied and it is dried, you will then sand it down with the sanding sponge/steel wool to level out the surface.


Afterwards, you will use a high-quality oil or shellac based primer so whatever top coat of paint will effectively cover the repair and the rest of the door. One primer I like for this is shown below.

Once the paint is dried and the door is fixed, the next step is to make sure those cats don't go near your door!


Please update us on your situation and let us know if we can further assist.




Posted 2013-11-23T16:16:54+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
If you live in the madison wi. area i can possibly fix it for you.
Posted 2013-11-29T18:04:40+0000  by littleo
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