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I was wondering if there is a way to regulate a honeywell round thermostat.  The top setting and the bottom setting are 2-4 degrees difference.  Is there anyway to set this so that the temp I set thermostat on is all the temp the room is?


Thank you and have a wonderful day.


Donna Argus

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Posted 2010-11-06T18:58:19+0000  by lDONNAARGUS lDONNAARGUS

Hello IDONNAARGUS ChrisFixit here, just to make sure I'm understanding correctly, is the problem that due to the max/min temp difference when setting your thermostat it's cycling on and off to frequently? If so than we should be able to fix you up :)



The problem is that there is a very narrow band of variance in which the thermostat tells your heating/cooling unit to turn on or off. Usually this range is unchangeable by the end user, you can in some instances however "cheat the system". By lowering your cycles per hour (the number of times the thermostat sends the on/off message to the unit) you effectively increase the band in which the thermostat kicks on and off.  In the manual that came with your thermostat should be a section detailing how to adjust the cycle count.


I've attached an example of what the section should look like. Now I have to warn you that there is the possibility that your thermostat doesn't support this feature. If you're not sure or you can't find your manual see if you can find the model number on it and we'll see what we can find out on this end. Hope this helps and welcome to the community.



Posted 2010-11-07T14:56:15+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL



the one we have does not have the arrows because it is the old fashioned round one.  i am figuring there is no way to adjust the numbers on the top for what you want it set on to match the actual temperature on the bottom numbers.


thank you for getting back to me.  i figured it was worth a shot to ask.


thank you again


donna argus

Posted 2010-11-08T00:54:25+0000  by lDONNAARGUS

Hello IDONNAARGUS.  Welcome to our community!


If I understand you correctly, when you set the thermostat to say 70º, the room heats up to 68º (or 72º) and stays there.  With these old analog thermostats, accuracy is dependent upon the back chassis being mounted perfectly level.  Pull off the cover and see if you can loosen the mounting screws slightly.  Twist the chassis just a hair (remember which way) and tighten the screws.  You will have either fixed it or made it worse.  One more try though and it should read spot-on.


I hope this helps,



Posted 2010-11-09T19:33:08+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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