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SO ANGRY!!!  I went to a store where I spent ages giving the guy my flooring measurements that were taken professionally.  I still have to pay for an estimate he says, so I did.  It took FOREVER for them to come out ( I am in a hotel with my kids waiting for the house to be move in ready) then I am called with a quote TWICE as much as the instore rep said, and I still haven't got what I paid for that I was promised via email which were the mesurements and diagrams ($35 for stuff I already have).  Ontop of that, they have the nerve to say I HAVE to pay EXTRA $197 for the STAIRS!!!  Nothing about stairs is mentioned anywhere where the $37 INSTALL offer is advertised!  Its ridiculous and against the LAW to do that!  Now I want my money back even though I will never get my time back I should have gone with LOWES, I am so ANGRY!!!! Now I have to move in a house wiht no carpet and probably have to PAY someone to move my furniture when I get flooring!!! ARGH!!! AND they now tell me it takes WEEKS for the carpet to be installed AFTER I told the rep I needed to move in by the end of the month.  I went and talked to an ASST MANAGER at home depot who shook her head and said yea nothing we can do about that its not our store. WTH!?

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Posted 2013-07-15T02:30:06+0000  by rose11 rose11

This is a Project: How-To Community, not the complaint dept! 

Posted 2013-07-15T04:11:47+0000  by RobTheBuilder

Hi, Rose11.

Thank you for reaching out.

We do apologize for any disappointment or delay with the required measurement for accuracy purposes, install timeframe, and that stairs are not included in basic installation promotions.

Please send us an email with the store location you purchased from, full name/phone/address on the purchase & we will assist.


- Nicki (

Posted 2013-07-16T12:49:47+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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