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Building Materials

Hairpin kitchen table

Hi All,

I am new to wood-working. Long story short I want to build a sturdy kitchen table using 28" hairpin legs.

How to assemble a DIY table
my questions are:
what type of wood should I use?
what other materials would I need? ( I have a power drill, sander, wood glue, and measuring tape and that leveling thing)

Thanks in advance
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Posted 2017-01-17T16:02:01+0000  by Shesha08 Shesha08

Hey Shesha08,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!

Depending on what you'd want your final look to be determine what wood and materials to use to build your table.

The table like the one shown in the image above is more than a few pieces, like 1 x 12's as an example. But, you can achieve this with a single piece of plywood as well.  Since there are more than one option to build, it's really up to you what the final design should be.

As for tools to use, what you listed can and will work, including that leveling thing...a level :-)

If you have a specific design in mind, or even this one, let us know. We can then go in a better direction for you. 


Posted 2017-01-20T20:43:56+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
DIY table: hairpin legs and reclaimed wood top #table:

Thanks this is how I want it to look. I plan on staining it black.

I want it to be sturdy. If I use plywood wood I need additional pieces for bracing?
Posted 2017-01-20T21:19:49+0000  by Shesha08

The braces you would need would be the 1" thick boards shown in the first image you gave us. 

If you place that on the plywood, then you can get a sturdy table for just about anything. 

Just make sure any screws you use to install it won't be longer than the depth of the assembled plywood/boards and they will be level. 

In fact, making sure everything is level at each step guarantees that you will get the most professional look and function of your new table!

And again, for anything else, please let us know.


Posted 2017-01-27T21:14:51+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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