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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

Halloween - Chalk Board Pumpkin


SKILL LEVEL:  Beginner


TIME:  2 Hours


COST:  $10.




Chalk Board Spray Paint

9’ x 12’ Drop Cloth    

Pumpkin – real or fake



Step 1

Wipe the pumpkin off to make sure that there is not any dirt or dust on it.


Step 2

Spread out the drop cloth. Paint the entire pumpkin and let it dry completely according to the manufactures instructions. If not when you go to write on it you may scratch off the paint.


Step 3

Use chalk to write your message on the pumpkin. Don’t worry if you mess up you can wipe it off and start over.


Step 4

Add it to your other decorations or make it your focal point and accessorize around it. The opportunities are endless.



**Thanks for the help on this project GardenGail. It really looks great with the spiders and bling.    

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