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Lumber & Composites

Halloween - Spooky Lumber Gang



TIME: 2-4 hours


COST: $15- $30




  • 1- 8ft long 2” x 4” pine
  • Paint
  • Artist Brushes
  • Duct tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue
  • 8- 1 ½” L brackets with screws
  • Shims



Start by deciding which characters you would like to create. We decided on a monster, mummy, pumpkin and a witch. The measurements for the 2” x 4”’s are as follows:


Base: 22”

Monster: 12”

Mummy: 18”

Pumpkin: 9”

Witch: 15”




Paint your each of your characters and the base and allow them to dry thoroughly.




Here are a few things we did to decorate our characters.


Monster: His eyes are made out of a mound of hot glue. After the hot glue dried, we painted over them and gave him a mischievous look. 


Mummy: His bandages are made from strips of duct tape and then we ran a screw across the seams to make them look tattered.


Pumpkin: For the stem we built up hot glue around a screw and then spray painted it green.


Witch: The witches’ nose is made from a scrap piece of foam. Once we got the shape we wanted, we painted it green.




After you are done making your characters attach them to the base using L brackets. Space them 1 ½” apart.




Lastly make a ‘Happy Halloween’ sign out of shims. The wood is pretty thin, so you can break it with your hands. The rougher it looks the better.


Happy Halloween!


Christine :smileyhappy:


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Posted 2012-10-01T18:22:05+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL Christine_HD_ATL

Christine, really cool characters, I really like the mummy.

Posted 2012-10-01T19:24:20+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

Christine these little monsters are great.


I really like how creative you got with the hot glue. Hot glue is one of the most versatile mediums that you can get in the crafting world. You can adherer things together, make a pumpkin stem, monster eyes and even spider hairs. It's great.


I think this project is perfect for a DIYer challenge. I challenge all of you crafty DIYers to build your own group of monsters and post them here on the community. We can call them the HD Community ghoul'lage. (collage of Ghouls)


I can't wait to go home and spend some time in the shop to make my monsters.


Make sure and post pictures of all of your monsters here on the community.  :robotsurprised: 

Posted 2012-10-03T16:07:46+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
Not what you were looking for ? Try posting a question