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Halogen Bulb Explosion



We have a halogen light/ceiling fan unit that was purchased at HD. This morning the bulb exploded and I replaced it with a new one. The light won't turn on, however. I assume the explosion damaged the fixture somehow. I'm not an electrician, but there isn't any visible damage I can see. The wiring all looks intact to me. The fan still works, so I know it's getting electricity. Does anyone have an idea about what may need replaced or repaired? I imagine that I don't need to replace the entire fixture. Any help would be much appreciated. I've attached a picture below.





Light in fixture

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Posted 2010-12-21T01:21:42+0000  by benfsmith benfsmith

Hello benfsmith, and welcome to our Home Depot Community!


From the picture you posted, I agree that it’s unlikely the fixture itself has been damaged.  It does look like the new bulb is a “push in” type that’s not fully seated in its socket.  Were you able to remove the old bulb remnants completely?  Please shut off the circuit breaker before you check this.


It is also possible that the new bulb you just bought is defective.  That’s not common but it does happen.


Please keep in mind that halogen bulbs (just like car headlight bulbs) are very sensitive to hot spots created by handling the bulb with bare hands.  The oils on our skin left on the bulb can actually cause them to burst after they have been on for awhile.  Before you re-install the new bulb, clean it with soap and water or rubbing alcohol and use a cloth or clean gloves to install it.


I hope this helps, and may you have a happy holiday season!



Posted 2010-12-21T20:03:18+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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