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Halogen Flood Lights

I have halogen flood lights (50 watt, 2 prong) in my kitchen fixtures that I use a suction cup to push in and twist to replace the bulbs.  Recently, the 'lens' popped out of one of the bulbs, so I have nothing to attach the suction cup can I safely remove the bulb without damaging the glass shade or the fixture itself?

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Posted 2012-12-22T19:13:56+0000  by zumbateacher62 zumbateacher62

Hi zumbateacher62!


Thanks for joining us on the community, welcome.


I am assuming you have GU-10 MR16 shape halogen light bulbs, or to better illustrate it, this light bulb shown below. 

GU-10 Light Bulb

Since you said it installed by twisting, I'm going with the assumption that it is this kind of bulb. The older style simply had 'fangs' instead of the bottom contacts shown above. Those didn't twist, but using the following information, you can the bulb you have out now, even though the lens popped out.


If you are able to safely reach the bulbs you need removed, click on the image below. Fellow expert did a great how-to short video on how to remove a GU-10 base light bulb. 


GU-10 Light Bulb Removal


That's right duct tape. 


In the video, the lens is still on, but if you can fashion the tape to still be large enough to fit into the remaining bulb cavity and make a pull tab from the tape you can get the same results as she did.


Simple as that. Of course, depending on how the fixture is situated and if there is any glass covers/lenses over the bulbs, they will need to removed first.


This should be the best solution for your light bulb removal.


Best of luck to you, and let us know if this has worked out for you. 



Posted 2012-12-22T20:09:37+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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