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Hampton Bay AC-527 Fan quit responding

I had several ceiling fans installed by an certified electrician a few years ago, including the Hampton Bay AC-527 model that is the subject of this question (Model AC-527, SKU 285-987).   The fan and light are both controlled only by remote.


The fan worked for several years.  It no longer responds to the remote, though remote red LED lights.  I tried changing the battery. No effect.  I tried testing all dip switch settings in the remote after reading online that sometimes those could be jostled out of position.  I tried all permutations of the 4 switches to no effect.


From reading about other fan problems here, it seems like it may be a receiver issue (seems to be an awful lot of receiver failures...hmmmm).   Anyway, where do I find the owners' manual and figure out which replacement receiver to buy?





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Posted 2011-05-18T20:15:10+0000  by dmbott dmbott

Hey dmbott.


I have 2 ceiling fans with remotes and one had a remote go bad and the other had a sensor go bad after 10 and 12 years. You will need to come to the store and get a new remote. The remote comes with the sensor. With the new remote, change the 4 switches to the same settings as the old remote. If your remote is bad then this will fix the problem. If the problem is not fixed then the sensor is bad and you will need to kill the power by flipping the breaker off. To assure that you kill the correct breaker turn the light or fan on and you will have the correct breaker once the light is off. Then turn the switch back off. Remove the 2 screws that are holding the cover over the box.


I slid the old sensor out and took 1 wire off at a time and connected it to the new sensor to insure that I did not screw things up and then slid it back in once all the wires were connected tightly and I turned the breaker back on and tested it. Make sure the new sensor has the same code as the remote. This is a fairly simple fix as long as you are comfortable on a ladder. It will fatigue the arms but you can do it.


The remotes that depot sells will work for this fan. The sensors will be the same but the remotes might look different. If this fan has an up light and a down light then you will need a more specific remote. The sensor will be the same so if the sensor is the problem then you can use same remote, different sensor.


Hit me back on the community if there are any questions.

Posted 2011-05-19T14:32:31+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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