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Hampton Bay AC552 PP ceiling fan remote not working

I have replaced the batteries on the remote and bought a new remote for my Hampton Bay AC552 PP ceiling fan. I can not find the dip switches on the fan to make sure that they are set correctly to the remote. I have 2 fans in my living room and they are high up on the ceiling and I need the remotes to work. Any suggestions. 

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Posted 2012-08-29T17:28:47+0000  by jonl jonl

Hi Jonl, welcome and glad you joined the community. Sorry to hear you’re having problems with your fan and remotes. Let’s see if we can get your fan up and running again.


The receiving units have the dip switches and there located in the canopy of the fan. You will have to take the canopy lose in order to set the dip switches. If you find that once you have the canopy lose, and you’re still having problems with the dip switches then you will need the UPC code, so you can contact the Hampton Bay customer Service team.


You can locate the UPC code on a sticker on top of the motor housing. You may need a mirror to help you get the code. You need the UPC code as there are several manufactures of Hampton Bay fans.


Once you have this information you can place a call to the Hampton Bay Customer Service Team and they can help you figure out the problem and how to fix it.


If you need to order repair parts you can do that while you’re on the phone with them.


Here is the Hampton Bay Customer Service phone number.



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Posted 2012-08-30T21:34:09+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
If the problem started after replacing the battery, you may have accidentally changed the DIP switch settings in the hand unit, which can happen when you push the 9V battery forward to remove it. Would suggest selectively sliding individual switches down towards the battery in various configurations (starting with the far right one) and see if that works...
Posted 2012-09-03T16:33:42+0000  by DIYlk
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