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Hampton Bay Adjustable Trumpet Pendant Track Light 343 533

I need to replace the pendant wire and lamp holder on the subject track light. How can I do that?


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Posted 2012-10-24T23:43:42+0000  by padacon padacon

Good morning padacon,


Welcome to the community, thanks for joining us.


I checked your number off of your pendant track light by Hampton Bay. Unfortunately, I didn't find it on our website, but I did a web search and found the item.


Was it a light with  a yellow frosted glass part number EC6370BA?


If so, I would recommending contacting Hampton Bay directly with their number listed below to get the replacement parts you need.

Hampton Bay Customer Service


The reason I recommend calling Hampton Bay with the number shown above is 2-fold.


First, we don't carry that specific pendant wire, or any similar to that in our store. Second, it is very difficult to break open an individual pendant to fix it. Your best bet is to get an entire replacement for it, rather than fixing it.


I've found this works better than any other option due to the fact, as stated before, we simply don't carry the replacement parts specific to this fixture.


Please let us know if the contact information has worked out for you. And as always, you can ask any additional questions you like here.




Posted 2012-10-25T12:06:12+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thanks for your response. I tried the number you gave me (1-877-527-0313) and it connected me back with Home Depot Customer Support rather than directly with Hampton Bay. None of the options set forth seemed to be appropriate so I am wondering if I missed something. By the way, because the pendant is adjustable, it is fairly easy to remove the pendant wire and lamp holder and replace it.  

Posted 2012-10-26T19:23:47+0000  by padacon

Not to worry.


Hampton Bay is a company of The Home Depot, its one of our flagship proprietary brands. The phone number is one and the same...did you get a chance to speak to a representative?


As for your replacement parts, you can find pendant wire of that sort at a lighting store nearest to you, if contacting Hampton Bay/Us isn't an option. But as I stated eariler, we've never really carried that exact type of wire in our store, just flattened lamp and speaker wire.


The lamp holder socket maybe a simple replacement that we carry in our store. For example, this one here maybe one you could use. If you could upload an image, I could tell you if our replacement ones could work.


Keep me updated with your progress, I want this light to be working again, no matter what it takes.




Posted 2012-10-29T20:36:08+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thanks again for your attention.

The link you supplied for the replacement lamp holder doesn't specify what type of bulb it fits. My lamps use Bi Pin T3 - JC bulbs (halogen, I presume). I have plenty of wire, so replacing the lamp holder would certainly be an option.


Posted 2012-10-30T18:07:21+0000  by padacon

This is what I need  - . Do you guys have them?

Posted 2012-10-30T18:41:18+0000  by padacon

Just got back into the office, so I apologize for the long delay Paul.


Unfortunately, since it is a bi-pin base, we don't carry anything that specific in our stores. It's just the incandescent bases that I showed you in the link above. Typically, this isn't a DIY project not because of the skill set, its simply because the parts aren't in the store.


Thats not to say you can order them in the link you provided, and since you have plenty of wire, that maybe your best bet.


Did you get a chance to contact Hampton Bay/Home Depot  again with the number I gave you? They are closed on the weekends, but getting an exact replacement may be the best solution. I say that because if you buy the replacement part, it may not fit or have some unforseen issue.


I know I keep sounding like a broken record, but contacting the manufacturer directly ( which is us) can get the perfect replacement.


Keep me updated on your situation Paul.



Posted 2012-11-03T14:24:59+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

The light in question has mysteriously decided to work again, at least for the time being. I will try that number again when the light resumes its erratic behavior.

Thanks for your attention.

Posted 2012-11-11T19:03:07+0000  by padacon
I'm impressed... I have searched for contact info for Hampton Bay products before and not successful.  Did a search for another item and called the number above.  Not only was the agent very nice but incredibly helpful and followed through with what I needed.  Saving this info for the future since Hampton Bay seems to be such a popular product line from Home Depot.
Happy Customer
Posted 2018-03-29T21:05:03+0000  by bajarent
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