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Hampton Bay Altura Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

I recently purchased and installed three Altura ceiling fans with light kits, two 68" and one 52"  The two 68" fans have the new remote system without dip switches at in the receiver. The wiring for both of these have separate three-way (two switch locations) switches.  This is a new construction and initially, wiring was run for controlling the light and fans separately.  I am only using the light switches currently.


The problem I have is that this is a large room and the ceiling fan/lights are the primary lighting.  I have four light switches (2 locations per light)  with this system and apparently all of them must remain on all of the time to avoid having to retrain the remote.  


So now the scene looks like this.  Someone comes into a large dark room, tries flipping switches (oops, just screwed up the remote), fumbles in the dark trying to find the remote (which switch should I put it by???).  


This is CRAZY.  Seriously, this is technology working for me?  Can I get the light switches to control the lights so I can see what I'm doing and then find the remote if I want the fan on?  


Currently, turing on and off the light switches resets the remote and turns on both the light and fan.  I do not want to keep resetting the remote every time I flip the light switch and I don't want to have to keep turning on and off the fan.  


Not to mention, that this is a seasonal home and I really wanted the fans to run continuously in the winter to help with air flow and any little power blip (which we often have) will also require reprogramming and may turn my lights on when the power comes back on (not sure, haven't experienced this one yet).


The 52" fan has the older remote system with dip switches in both the transmitter and receiver, so it does not require 'retraining' the remote.  Seems a little more friendly but not totally.  I like the idea of having a remote to control fan speed and direction but the rest of the control issues suck.


HELP!!! Please.

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Posted 2013-11-23T13:32:44+0000  by jennyt jennyt

One more quick add on.  I do not have all of the boxes and packaging but would consider the option of returning all of this.  I do not think this is adequate technology for my needs, nor were all of these shortcomings apparent.  Unfortunately, this was >$500 worth of hardware and I did like the looks of it.  Bummed.

Posted 2013-11-23T13:54:36+0000  by jennyt
I'm sorry that the fan design is not working as you had hoped and is causing you problems.
Our Hampton Bay Customer Service team can definitely discuss this with you and bring on the tech support team to see if there is a better way to operate the fans, or the HB CS team can advise on if you can still return the units without the packaging, if that is your preferred resolution.
Just give them a call at 1-877-527-0313 so the team can adviset.
Thanks for reaching out & apologies again.
- Nicki

Posted 2013-11-25T17:09:20+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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