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Hampton Bay Blade Arms wont fit

I have recently bought a Hampton Bay fan and while assembling it I cannot get the blade brackets in together.  I can put two blade bradkets in when there is no other blade bracket on either side of it.  I was wondering if there is a special step or something I can do to get them all in together.  I do not know the model # but the ceiling fan is different colors, the blades are red, green, blue, orange and yellow/ and the lighting are different colors as well.  I have hooked the fan up and works great buy cannot figure out the blade brackets.  Thank you for any help with this matter.



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Posted 2011-10-23T00:00:35+0000  by nflmd nflmd

Hi Scott sorry to hear you're having trouble with your fan. I'm confident we can figure out what the problem may be though.  Going by your description I think I got the right fan.


48in Puzzle Fan


I didn't see anything strange in the install instructions about the bracket connection so I got in contact with the electrical supervisor at my store to bounce it off of him.  He suggested checking the connection surface of the motor for shipping spacers.  By his description these are sometimes affixed to fans prior to shipping and can look very much like a body element of the fan.  Depending on their location they can cause a slight offset when placing screws.


Bracket Assembly


If this turns out not to be the case please feel free to snap a few pictures of the bracket and motor housing and we'll see what else might be the cause.  Be sure to get back to us and welcome to the community.



Posted 2011-10-23T14:20:58+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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