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Hampton Bay Brookedale Fan

Hello, I have two Brookedale fans.  One works perfect.  The other is having problems.  First, several months ago it stop going into the high setting.  Then, all that would work is the low.  Now it does not  spin at all.  The remote will still power on the light and the other fan, so I know the remote is not the problem.  Any other ideas?  Thanks for what ever help you can provide.  

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Posted 2011-08-20T00:49:49+0000  by ryanmoreau ryanmoreau

Hey ryanmoreau.


One possibility is that a wire nut that hooks to the transmitter has giggled loose. It is such close quarters for the wires,wire nuts and transmitter that wire nuts can wiggle loose. I had the same problem after 10 years with my fan and first thing I did was test the remote with my other ceiling fan, which sounds like you already did. This tells me that the transmitter has gone bad or a wire nut has come loose. I would suspect the wire nuts to still be connected and the transmitter to have gone bad. The Home Depot does sell these transmitters, which come as a remote control kit, which comes with another controller and the transmitter. Although you only need the transmitter, I would hang on to the extra remote, for they have been known to go out as well.


You will need to take the canopy down from the ceiling which is where the transmitter is hiding. Take note how it was connected because you are simply going to swap them out. Also take note on how it sits in the bracket because it often takes 2 or 3 times of wiring before people can get the canopy to fit back up.




Did I mention that the first thing you need to do is kill the power by flipping the breaker off.



Posted 2011-08-21T14:58:14+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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