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Hampton Bay CF544HPEH chain to fan broke off. How to remove &replace?

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Posted 2013-12-10T20:22:46+0000  by gi gi

Hey gi,


Thank you for your question and for joining us here on the community!


Replacing a fan switch can be done, but you'll need to turn off the power leading to the fan to begin.


Once you do that, you'll need to unscrew the bottom portion of the fan where the fan switch is located to access it. The switch itself comes off the fan by unscrewing the metal portion that surrounds the chain on the exterior part of the fan.


After taking out the switch, make notes and/or take pictures of how the wires are set up that are installed in the switch. Take note of how many wires are going into the switch.


This is very important, as you'll need to remove the wires and put them in the same configuration as they were for the replacement switch. Most will have a L-1-2-3 setup on the switch itself. So for example, if a purple wire went into the 2 position, you'd put the purple into the same 2 for the new switch.


Below is a sample chart for a wiring diagram. This is why it is important to get the right replacement switch and wires in the same configuration they once were.

Fan wiring


Taking out the wires are simple to do. DO NOT cut the wires, as you will use a straightened paper clip to remove and then install the wires into the new switch. The end of the wires snap into the switch. Only cut the wires if you can't remove the old ones.


Depending on what switch you have now will determine what to get. Most are a 4 wire setup, shown below. You can click on the image of it for more information.


After wiring up the switch, you'd place it back into the hole and screw it down on the outside part so that it is firmly installed. Close up the portion of the fan so the fan is installed again and test to ensure that it is working properly.


That's all there is to it, let me know if you have any additional questions regarding replacing your fan switch.





Posted 2013-12-11T16:27:22+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH..............

Posted 2013-12-11T19:49:37+0000  by gi
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