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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Arms

Can anyone explain to me why Home Depot does not sell Hampton Bay ceiling fan replacement arms? One of ours bent, and you don't carry the arms. Apparently, you want us to purchase an entire new fan (O! Look! Home Depot is the ONLY retailer of Hampton Bay!) rather than repair a perfectly good fan.

This doesn't make me feel very kindly toward Home Depot. Are you TRYING to drive me to shop exclusively at Lowe's?
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Posted 2017-08-26T04:25:17+0000  by ProfessorPeter ProfessorPeter
I don't work for Home Depot but I think I can explain why the stores don't carry replace fan blade arms.  The answer is very simple, it's not cost effective.  We as consumers want low prices, businesses want and need to make a profit.  The only way to balance those two is for retailers to sell items that generate revenue and eventually profits.  Think how many fans Home Depot stocks and those fans change design regularly and in some cases there may be 3 or 4 finishes available.  Home Depot would have to stock hundreds of blade arms.  That isn't going to happen because they wouldn't sell enough blade arms to justify the space they take up.  Or they'd be so ridiculously expensive, that most people would just buy a new fan instead.

You could go to Lowe's and buy one of their
house brand fans Harbor Breeze, but you'd find they don't have blade arms either.  Why, for the same reason.

But the good news is that you can contact Hampton Bay with the model number of your fan and they can probably sell you a new arm.

Posted 2017-08-26T10:10:56+0000  by Adam444
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