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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Too Dim

I have a Hampton Bay Vercelli 52 in. Brushed Steel Ceiling.  I just had it installed less than 4 weeks ago and the included light already went out so I bought 2 more bulbs (1 extra) at Home Depot.  Read the packaging on the bulbs which stated to ensure you don't get fingerprints on the bulb, so I wore latex gloved during installation.  I installed first bulb which was identical in size, wattage, and volt as included bulb and it was nowhere near as bright as included bulb. For a 100 watt bulb there was no way it was normal for it to be this dim.  So I opened the extra bulb I bought and same thing.  After reading some reviews on the bulb I did see some comments that stated they received bad bulbs so I returned the 2 and bought 2 new ones.  Third bulb... same issue.  At this point I'm certain this is an issue with the fan light and not the bulb.  Anyone else experience this issue with this fan and bulb type?


Bulbs I purchased were little Philips Halogen Sconce lights 120 volt/100 watt

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Posted 2013-05-02T01:34:14+0000  by jrivera77 jrivera77

Hi, JRivera77.

Thank you for reaching out about the fan issue. We will need you to speak with the technical support team at 1-800-307-3267 and they'll need you to give them your UPC number which is 718212440780.

Please give them a call when you are near the fan so you can troubleshoot if they need to. After they advise what the problem is, I'd like for you email me so I can orchestrate ordering any replacement parts if they advise that is what would resolve the problem. If replacement parts are needed, I would need a copy of your reciept so that we can have them replaced under the 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

After you speak with them, please send me an email at so I can assist at that time.

Thank you very much!


Posted 2013-05-02T15:00:40+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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