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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Model #224709 - Need UPC code

Hi I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan model #224709 and need the upc code so I can order a replacement globe for the light.  Please help!


Thank you!



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Posted 2013-07-09T02:13:29+0000  by Laurel Laurel

Hi, Laurel. Apologies for any confusion, but if you located our information on the, that is actually a 3rd party website, not a Home Depot or Hampton Bay approved website.

The HB Care team does not provide UPC’s to customers or identify fan models from pictures of parts alone. The customers must locate the UPC off of their product (receipt, box, or manual) so the team can order the exact part for the customer’s specific model. The UPC is located the sticker on top of the motor housing (if the product is a fan or on the backside of the baseplate if the product is a light fixture).

The official Hampton Bay customer service team (1-877-527-0313) can definitely assist when you speak with them after you locate the UPC. I've also attached a picture of the sticker where the UPC is located for your ease of locating.

Thanks for reaching out.


Posted 2013-07-09T14:57:33+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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