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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Model #AC418 Remote

I have two of these ceiling fans (Hampton Bay AC 418). On one the remote works and the red light illuminates when I press the buttons. On the other remote the light does not illuminate (on the remote) when I press the buttons even after I changed the battery. On the fan I use the most neither one of the remotes works at all. The blades spin off of the wall switch but the lights don't work and the remote does not work. I can't find the manual. Any response would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted 2012-11-03T19:34:35+0000  by dandavis193 dandavis193

Hey dandavis193.


The buttons one remote that you use most are simply wore out. I have had remotes on 3 of my fans for 15 years and I have had to replace my remotes in the bedroom and living room 1 time each.


These remotes have a receiver in the canopy of the fan, by the ceiling. The receiver has the same 4 little dip switches on it that the remote has behind the battery. When these numbers are set the same, they will communicate with each other.


fan remote arrow.jpg

Here is how you can tell it is the remote. Take the good remote and, behind the battery there are 4 little switches with numbers. Change these numbers to match the numbers on the bad remote. Remember the numbers that were on the good remote because you will need to switch them back once we test it out. This should have the fan working like a champ.


Next thing you need to do is to swing by the Home Depot and pick up a new remote and program the numbers into the remote and it will communicate with the old receiver. You can even find your remote here on


Hit me back here with any questions, otherwise let me know how the fix goes.

Posted 2012-11-04T15:58:38+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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