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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Model No.: AC-374

I have a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Model No.: AC-374.  It has a three speed motor and remote control.  The differences between speeds was very noticeable with the low speed just a light air movement to the high speed which would blow paper off the tables.  It also ran very smoothly and quite at all speeds.

Just recently I turned the fan switch on at low speed and it started up as usual.  When I switched to medium speed you could hear the change in the motor, but it only ran a bit faster and had a humming noise that was repetitive as the fan blades moved.  I then switched it to high speed and it ran about the same.  The fan blades move freely when pushed by hand, so I know it is not a friction issue.  I popped the cover off the top and I could see that it was clean no dust in the motor compartment.

It almost appears as though it is trying to run faster but can't get enough power to do so.

Also, it might not be related, but, there are upward projecting lights and downward projecting lights that can be switched on and off independently of one another.   About the same time as the issue with the fan speed occurred, the upward lights wont turn on, but the downward lights still switch on and off.  I checked the bulbs and they are good. 

Please advise?
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Posted 2018-05-09T23:32:25+0000  by Name Name
Hello Name.  Welcome to the Community!

Based on your description, I think the fan you have is a Miramar 60 inch model.  While usually I would point speed issue problems as a capacitor failure, in this case because the upper light also is not functioning I think the remote control receiver inside the fan is the culprit.  A replacement receiver and remote is available on IF your fan is either of these two UPC models: 

Fan UPC# 792145358244 and 792145353409

You can find that part here:  Replacement Remote Pack

Parts available from  LINK to Parts

The UPC for your fan is typically found on a sticker facing up towards the ceiling and not visible from below.  It will also be on the original box packaging.

If in doubt, please contact our Hampton Bay support team at the number below.  They should be able to help you further.  They also typically have access to all replacement parts as well.


Posted 2018-05-15T19:10:14+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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