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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Motor Broken - Model 52-CL

Hi there. I installed a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan - Model 52-CL about 5 years ago. The fan has run great for about 4 years, but about a year ago the high speed stopped working. So I had a Med-Med-Low-Off as my settings.  I have replaced the capacitor and am pretty sure that issue is resolved.  however now the motor has gone out. 


When the fan is on the motor hums and the blades try to move  but they cant. When the fan is off I can not move the blades without a lot of resistance. they defintely do not free spin like they should.


Knowing this is a Hampton Bay fan which only Home Depot sells, how can I get the motor replaced with the lifetime warranty that it has on it?  Of couse I do not have a receipt.


Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

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Posted 2011-05-18T14:15:34+0000  by aggie_ff aggie_ff

Nevermind. I got it all worked out.

Posted 2011-05-18T17:42:34+0000  by aggie_ff

Hey Aggie_ff, I'm glad to hear that you have worked out your problem. If there is anything we can help you with please feel free to post. We are here to help!



Posted 2011-05-19T00:24:10+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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