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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Problem


I have Hampton Bay model AC-418 ceiling fan that has stopped working correctly after about a year of trouble free use.  For no reason that I can discern, the fan stopped working and the lights are very dim.  I can spin the fan easily by hand.  When all of the light bulbs are removed, the sockets have 120 volts, but if a light bulb is plugged in then the voltage in the other sockets will drop to about 13 volts.  Lights and fan are not responsive to the remote control.  Batteries in the remote control are good and the red light on the remote control lights up when any of the buttons are pushed.  I'm thinking I may have a bad remote receiver, but am not 100% sure by any measure.  Can anybody help out with troubleshooting this?

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Posted 2011-01-09T23:38:29+0000  by cerulean1300s cerulean1300s

Hi! I'm really not replying to a particular post, but rather starting a new topic. Sorry about that, but I found no way of posting a new problem.


I've already acquired three Hampton Bay ceiling fans and am pretty well satisfied with the performance. I recently changed the remote control for one of them. This model has both top and bottom lights, and they can be turned on and off independently of one another. The original remote had a red button for the lights, whereas the current one has a green button. The fan button works fine, but the lights won't turn on, not even the bottom one. Maybe I had turned them off with a new remote I had bought at Home Depot, but I had to turn that one in, including the new receiver, as it didn't work well with the fan. I have no way of telling which model is the fan, so please try and help?


There's no trouble at all with the electrical connections. All I can think of is I turned the lights off with the former control which is already back at the store.

Posted 2011-10-05T13:14:06+0000  by Playeroyplenero

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Posted 2012-01-12T12:12:00+0000  by jawadsatti
Your fan is made by TAL for HD. If you need to purchase replacement part or accessories (blades, glass shades, remote.) for your TAL USA serviced ceiling fan, call 1-877-902-5588 or email: for pricing and ordering information. Also: go to then Support/Manuals & Photos (drop-down to you fan Model NAME) & you will find SKU, UPC, Manual.pdfs & Photos of your fan.
Posted 2012-01-18T07:45:21+0000  by kaminskindy

I have a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan in my breakfast nook and living room.

The remote for the breakfast nook turns on the living room HBC Fan/lights but not the breakfast nook where it is suppose to work.  The lights, top or bottom do not turn on.  Neither does the fan.  (There is a separate remote for the living room fan).   An ideas what i should do? 

Posted 2012-04-29T23:45:13+0000  by dyoung1017

Hello dyoung1017.  Welcome to the Community!


Sounds to me like both remotes work the living room fan but neither work the nook fan.  In this case I think that the nook remote needs to be set up to operate the nook fan.  You do this by setting the DIP switch in the nook remote to match the nook fan receiver DIP switch settings.  See the diagram below:


Setting DIP Switches.PNG


Don't change the living room fan or its remote DIP switches, since they work just fine.  Change the nook remote transmitter to match the setting on the nook fan, which will be different than the living room settings.


I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-05-04T19:44:33+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Had a remote problem with my fan also, model#268-719 Redington II. I was getting ready to order a new receiver and decided to try a few things first. I matched the dip switches on both receiver and transmitter to operate at  different frequencies and the fan and dimming functions both began working again. Worth a try if you want to save a few bucks. Hopefully it works for another 12 years.

Posted 2012-05-09T19:36:19+0000  by jesjames

Hello jesjames.  Welcome to the Community!


Sometimes it's just a simple fix to solve perplexing problems.  Yesterday my Echo trimmer was just not putting out enough power to work properly.  After 12 years I guessed that maybe the engine was finally going south.  Not so.  I replaced the spark arrestor screen, (a very simple operation), and now it runs like new!  What a huge difference.  Because the screen clogged over time, I had forgotten how powerful these little engines really are.


BTW, the DIP switch fix works on older, (much older now...), garage door openers and their remotes as well.  The most common remote control problem?  Dead battery...


Anyway, we are glad to have you join the forum. Please keep us updated on your projects and feel free to join in helping others.






Posted 2012-05-11T12:58:40+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Hey I am hoping replying to you will get me on this thread.....I have a Hampton and Bay Model # 54-CVT, UPC# 082392610203 and another No I saw on the receiver was No=0034545.

Fan can only be turned on by the remote control, even though I could switch the lights on the fan on from the wall.

The remote has stopped turning the fan or light on, light switch from the wall still works, and you can see that the remote itself is working, since you can see the remote going through the different LEDS...what could be the problem...this is the wrong time for my fan not to work

Posted 2012-05-29T12:35:09+0000  by Omookin

Hello Omookin.  Welcome to the Community!


We know that you have power to the light kit on your fan, and the lights work.


It seems that the remote control receiver inside the fan has failed.

It is also possible that even though the lights on the remote itself work that it has quit transmitting.


It is unlikely that the fan motor or its speed control components have failed since the remote also will not control the lighting.  I think that narrows down the issue pretty well.


The fastest fix for this would be to visit your local Home Depot and buy a new remote control.  It will come with a receiver and by replacing both you maximize a positive outcome.  This is what I would do.


For a second opinion on this diagnosis, you can call our Hampton Bay customer service line at 1-877-527-0313.


The UPC you provided tells me that this fan was manufactured by King of Fans.

They also have a customer service number.  You can contact them at 1-800-330-3267.


I hope this helps,






Posted 2012-05-29T13:13:13+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Always change the batteries first even if the LED light comes on.


Posted 2012-05-31T18:17:00+0000  by Stukas
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