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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Problem


I have Hampton Bay model AC-418 ceiling fan that has stopped working correctly after about a year of trouble free use.  For no reason that I can discern, the fan stopped working and the lights are very dim.  I can spin the fan easily by hand.  When all of the light bulbs are removed, the sockets have 120 volts, but if a light bulb is plugged in then the voltage in the other sockets will drop to about 13 volts.  Lights and fan are not responsive to the remote control.  Batteries in the remote control are good and the red light on the remote control lights up when any of the buttons are pushed.  I'm thinking I may have a bad remote receiver, but am not 100% sure by any measure.  Can anybody help out with troubleshooting this?

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Posted 2011-01-09T23:38:29+0000  by cerulean1300s cerulean1300s
Two year ago we had a lightning strike near our house and it blew out a few things (dvd player/electric blanket etc.)  and also one of our two Hampton Bay ceiling fans UPC 082392613938.  For a little while the one effected would only work on high.  Now it will only work once in a while, but it DOES work, on high, and the light will work.  My guess is the receiver got fried, but not completely.  Love these fans, and they match...they are also a pain in that they are about 10' off the ground and hanging on a 6' downpipe with the receiver up at about 16'.  I'd like to order the correct part, but can't seem to find it listed on line and can't find our manual or receipt!  :(   HELP! 
Posted 2018-07-25T23:53:33+0000  by Tfin
My advice is to check the manual. Its easier to locate the right manual if you know the model name. Do you have a model name as AC-418 is not specific enough. I can locate the manual for you if that helps. 
Posted 2018-09-15T07:04:23+0000  by joecooper
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