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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Slow

I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan that seems to have lost it's umph. The fan works, but the speeds seem to be almost the same on all settings. I haven't pull the unit down to get the model number yet and not sure if I have any choice other than purchasing a new fan. I have looked all over for my receipt to no avail. Is there a control module that goes bad or is it just a 3 postion switch that controls the speed? As I stated, the fan runs on all 3 speeds but the low speed is the only one I notice a difference in speed. Thanks in advance, Mac

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Posted 2012-08-18T16:44:41+0000  by MacDuff MacDuff

Hi MacDuff and thanks for your question.   The speeds are controlled by a capacitor.  It is a small black box in the nose of the fan.  They are easy to find and replace.  The numbers on the side of the capacitor  must be the same and use wire nuts to reattach it.  I hope this helps.  Stukas



Posted 2012-08-20T17:10:22+0000  by Stukas

Hi- I have a Hampton Bay slower speed issue as well but can't sort out how to post a new thread on the site. I've only had my fan for 6 weeks. Have been running it 24/7 for my and my pets' comfort. Just the other day I noticed that the high speed is running like the low speed and I canno longer feel the effects of the fan. We took it down, clean the blades, checked the connects, and I blew an air duster in there to no avail. 


I've only had this fan for 6 weeks. Any thoughts? 


Sorry again for jacking the thread. You should probably put instructions on how to start a new thread, or please let me know where that link is. Thanks!

Posted 2012-09-05T00:53:25+0000  by Luccadog
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