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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan not working with Remort Control

I purchased my home a couple years ago and the ceiling fan was already installed.  Consequently, I have no idea what model ceiling fan it is.  Since it is hanging about 15 feet above the entry way, looking for the model number is not an easy task.


I know I have a Hampton Bay remote control and up until a short while ago. it worked perfectly.  I shut the fan off using the remote control about two weeks ago and it worked fine.  I am not sure if my wife used it since but I do know the lights work when I turn on the switch but I cannot turn the lights on or off using the remote.  I also cannot turn the fan on using the remote control.


The fact the lights turn on when I turn on the switch tells me that there is electricty at the fan.  Based upon reading other posts, it sounds like the receiver is not working.  I just don't know if the receiver is in the electric box above the ceiling fan or in the actual fan housing.  I know the fact I don't know the model number doesn;t make this easy.


Should I just replace the entire fan or should I take the fan down and take it to my local Home Depot to see if there is a replacement part?


Thank you in advance for your response.



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Posted 2012-10-03T23:03:54+0000  by BBrooks107 BBrooks107

Hello BBrooks 107,


Welcome to the community.


I would agree with you it does sound like the receiver may not be working properly.


Unfortunately you will need to get to the fan and look on top of the motor housing in order to get the UPC# and model# so that they can figure out the correct replacement part.


Your local store may not have the correct replacement part that you need. But if you call the Hampton Bay Customer Service they should. I would suggest getting the UPC# and Model number and then giving them a call so that you can make sure and get the correct replacement part. You can order it directly through them.

Hampton Bay Customer Service Line.jpg

I hope this gets your fan back in working order.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.

Posted 2012-10-03T23:31:17+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Thank you for your response.  I would imagine under normal circumstances no additional communication would be necessary, but...


I climbed to the very top of my 28 foot ladder to look at the top of the ceiling fan and I did not see a UPC code on top.  Perhaps I just don't know what I am looking for.


I have taken a picture of the fan hoping that perhaps it would help identify the model.  I do know for sure it is a Hamton Bay fan because I did see the logo on the fan.


Posted 2012-10-06T14:08:30+0000  by BBrooks107

Hello again BBrooks107,


Thank you for trying to find the UPC way up in the air.:smileyfrustrated: I think I figured out what fan you have by the picture you added.


It believe it’s a 52” Redington Brushed Steel Ceiling Fan with Light Kit. I contacted the Hampton Bay Customer Service and they were able to give me the information.

                             Hampton Bay Redington 52.jpg

It was manufactured by King of Fans. The UPC is 082392 726072.


You can contact them directly to order your replacement parts at 1-800-330-3267.


Let me know how everything turns out.


I look forward to hearing about the outcome of this project and any other one that you take on.  

Posted 2012-10-17T18:20:57+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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