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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan won't switch to high

Our Hampton Bay Ceiling fan will not switch to the high mode. Is there a switch to adjust?

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Posted 2011-07-01T19:55:08+0000  by jill1miller jill1miller

Hello jill1miller,


Welcome to the community.


This has been a very talked about subject here on the community. The good thing is it’s very easy to fix it.


It sounds like to me that your fan switch has gone out. If your fan will go into low and medium speed but not high then it’s most likely your fan switch.


The first thing that you MUST do is turn the breaker off to the fan. Make sure that the power is off by trying to turn on the fan/light. Once you have done that you’re ready to replace the fan switch.


There will be 2 different switches. One is for the light and the other is for the speed control. Depending on the model of fan you have will determine where the switches are. Both fans in my house are located in the switch housing. The light switch comes out of the bottom and the speed control switch comes out of the side.


Here is a link to an instruction Manual for a Hampton Bay ceiling fan. I’m sure I didn’t get lucky and pick your model but if it’s similar then the diagrams on page #12 will show you the switch housing.


The light kit will be held on with 3 screws. Take those off and it should come off. Be careful the wires will still be attached. Disconnect the wire connectors to the light and remove it. It will be a lot easier to get to the other switch without it hanging there.


There will be a decorative retaining nut on the outside of the switch housing that the chain goes thru. Take the nut off and that will release the switch. Lightly pull it out so that you can see the wire configuration. Don’t remove any of the wires till you write down what color goes into what slot. The switch should be labeled with an L, 1, 2, 3.

                                                                 dec ret nut fan switch.JPG

Once you have that done it’s time to remove the old switch. Some fan switches are held in with wire nuts but most of them the wires are soldered and just pushed in. I find that the easiest was to get them out is either with a small flat head screw driver or a paperclip. Yes a paper clip. Just insert it into the slot with the wire and it will release.


Take the switch with you to your local Home Depot to make sure you get the right one.


Then wire your new switch according to the wire diagram from the old one and Install it.


Attach the wire connectors for the light fixture and re-assemble the switch housing and you should be all set.


**Make sure not to pinch any wires when you put the light kit back on the housing.**


Turn the power back on and prepare to be blown away with your new high setting.:smileyvery-happy:


I hope this has gotten your fan back up to speed.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.


Here are a couple of other posts if you would like to read thru them also. Post #1, Post #2.


Posted 2011-07-01T22:59:59+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

I went to my local Home Depot  (Kingston NY 12401) and they told me they don't have switches for ceiling fans


Hampton Bay 3 speed 



Posted 2011-08-02T00:12:44+0000  by mikedefelice

Mike that is a pretty standard switch. Take it out and take it to your nearby electrical supply house. You can check the Yellow Pages. You might even want to get an upgraded swich to a 4 speed. It doesn't have to be a Home Depot or Hampton Bay switch. In fact I doubt highly it is actually either but one suppiled by a China distributer. I am confused by all the people on this forum having ceiling fan problems. Mine are 24 years old and I only recently replaced the speed controll switches. Maybe leaving mine on al the time causes less wear on them.

Posted 2011-08-06T14:50:44+0000  by macfan

Hello mikedefelice,


Sorry for the confusion. Your local store should carry a replacement switch. Here are links to a couple of different switches. One of them is a Dual-Capacitor 3 speed and the other is a Single Capacitor 3 speed. The links will have the model# and our SKU#. You can bring them with you so that if the Associate needs to look them up it will make it a lot easier.


It would be best if you removed your switch and then just took it into the store to match it up.


I also agree with the previous post that it is not a Home Depot or Hampton Bay model. The manufacture out here on the west coast is Westinghouse. It might not be the same in NY but they should have the replacement part.


If you still can't find it you can always call the Hampton Bay Customer Service line and order it from them. Just have your UPC and model# ready when you call them. They are located on the top of the motor casing.



I hope this helps you get your fan back in tip top shape.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

Posted 2011-08-17T18:24:18+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

I am having the same problem but I am using a hand held remote. The fan is only a few years old and we don't use it much but recently it's been warmer and we realized that all speeds are basically the same. We would rather fix than replace as it's in great shape and it wasn't a cheap fan.

Posted 2013-08-31T00:55:27+0000  by iamjackieb

I"m having the same problem.  Just for clarification, when the fan is off and not spinning and I hit the "HI" button, the fan does spin, just not on HI.  Would be problem still be the fan switch??

Posted 2013-09-25T02:11:38+0000  by daveanz

Hey iamjackieb,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Depending on what your fan is will determine how the receiver or if other parts can be replaced. In this thread, you've probably read about the switch for the fan speed, something a remote controlled fan typically doesn't have.


Your best bet would be to find the model number/SKU/UPC on top of the fan. Lots of Hampton Bay fans can have their receiver replaced via our instock replacement remotes. However, some need to be replaced directly from Hampton Bay.


After getting the model # from your fan, contact Hampton Bay with the information below.



While you can just replace the receiver, it may also be a capacitor to blame for your fan having one speed as it is now. Let me know if this has assisted you.



Posted 2013-09-25T12:48:49+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Hey daveanz,


Thanks for joining us here on the community!



I would say the problem could be the fan switch or even the capacitor, as Christine showed above in her last post on this thread.


Once you replace those two items, and you don't have a remote control on the fan, then your fan should be up and running again!


Let me know if you have any further questions.




Posted 2013-09-25T12:54:00+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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