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Hampton Bay Ceiling fan AC-552 won't spin but light works

Hi all,


I am trying to research an issue with my hampton bay ceiling fan.  I know the fan was working and when I realized it was getting hot in my room I looked up at my ceiling fan and notice it was not spinning anymore.  The light works with no problems.  When I pull the chain I do hear a humming sound between each of the 3 speed options


I did check and the blades spin freely.

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Posted 2011-07-26T01:54:24+0000  by supersales5 supersales5
I'm having a similar issue with my Hampton Bay 52" Moresby fan. The light works and when I try to turn the fan on, the motor hums but the blades won't move anymore. The fan worked fine in the past but now it no longer works. I have the owners manual which shows the vendor number: 11688 and the upc is: 082392082642 bronze. Any help would greatly be appreciated!
Posted 2015-12-23T03:53:42+0000  by jzz298
I had this same problem.  In my case it turns out that the direction reversal switch in the side opposite the pull chain is the culprit.  When I wiggled it the fan came on.  Pushing up works in some case, pushing it to the side works in others.

Posted 2015-07-08T17:27:15+0000  by CharlesLloyd

I am having the same problem with a AC375-CLP fan. The light with the remote but the fan doesn't turn. It doesn't hum or make any noise. I can turn it by hand and it spins freely.

Posted 2013-05-30T20:26:09+0000  by MrBill

the upc # 792145330493  i just bought it from someone its brand new I do not have a control remote! what caNn I do to make it work?


Posted 2013-05-25T22:51:30+0000  by monicaortiz

I am having the same issues. Light comes on and when i turn on the fan switch you can hear the humming sounds just no movement. The blades do turn freely if i move them. 


upc is 759590734238


thank you,



Posted 2013-04-08T18:40:09+0000  by qjones23

I need to re-install a Hampton Bay ceiling fan, Model AC-552 / UPC # 792145327738.  As far as I know, it worked before, but the other posts here have me worried.  It looks like we have all the parts except a light globe (which I think can be easily replaced), the owner's manual, and installation instructions.  Please let me know where I can get copies of the manual and instructions.  Thank you.

Posted 2012-05-05T18:21:42+0000  by jasbro

Designing Woman -- i hope...


I also have two of these fans (AC-527s) and i need a new canopy (or two) to replace one that has been

damaged.  I called the 800-527-0998 number and got voicemail for the "Minka group".  It's sunday so i left

a message and will try to call again tomorrow.  But is that number still valid?  Are there any other options for

getting parts?



Jim Freeburg

Posted 2012-03-04T21:35:55+0000  by jrfreeburg

My hampton bay ac-552 fan is only about  3 years old and I have the same problem as the original post: my lights work fine, but the fan does not work.  It spins freely by hand and when i pull the fan switch i can hear a slight humm from the fan motor, but the the blades won't spin. 


I don't think the switch is faulty, because when I pull the cord the humm indicates the power is being switched on.  Is there another thing that could be causing the fan motor not to power the blades?  Please help.


Model: AC-552

SKU #: 763-693

SN: 000219


DATE: 0209

Posted 2012-01-02T21:47:17+0000  by joshienelly

Hello rchapman.  Welcome to the community! 


I'm sorry to hear that your fan no longer works properly.  I would like to have someone from our Hampton Bay support team contact you to help with this. Can you send your contact information (phone or email) to  He will have someone reach out to you.




Posted 2011-09-27T13:28:03+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

I might be having the same problem as in the Subject. The main question is if my fan is a Hampton Bay, as I could find no brand name on it. The ceiling fan+light has a manufactured date in 1989 (installed in a home built in 1990, and it's the home's original fan). It has the following numbers that I could find on it:



E 75-275

I could find no UPC code on it. The closest photo that I could find on the Web is similar to (but not exactly like) my fan:

The photo may be from the Web site

But it would not be the photo in that gallery labelled AC-552, which does not look much like my fan. My fan does not look much like the one at

I can see the part that has broken: it's the largish round piece of plastic to which all the fan blades attach. The break in the piece allows the blades near the break to hang down enough that they rub on the brass housing below them and stop spinning. (That's one difference between the photo and my fan: the photo's housing is polished brass, but mine is somewhat burnished.) Does any of this assist in tracking down the identity of the fan and possibly a part for it?

Posted 2011-09-25T20:46:44+0000  by rchapman
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