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Hampton Bay Ceiling fan, low output

I just had a Hampton Bay ceiling fan installed about 6 weeks ago and the "high" setting is like the "low" setting on every other fan I've ever owned.  


What would be the reason for this low output and is there a simple fix I can do myself.




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Posted 2011-08-06T05:50:51+0000  by breatheez breatheez
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I do not know the actual name brand. But I do have the following info.

Model #: AC 418
SN #: 005621 Df
Date: 0305
SKU #: 761-567
UPC #: 792145350996
Vendor #: 11289

This unit was in place when I bought my home in 2007. At one time, the 3 settings worked fine. Unit works off a remote.

Hampton Bay Remote
Model: UC7083T

The light dimming works fine. Batteries are fresh. It's just the fans speeds not working properly. The settings on the remote and the fan, do match.

Thanks again.
Posted 2012-07-22T15:24:29+0000  by saspurs

Please look at this picture and tell me if this is your fan.  Possibly a different color

Posted 2012-07-25T13:54:21+0000  by AAriondo

AAriondo. That picture is exactly what is hanging in my living room. LOL So what is your recommendation? 

Posted 2012-07-30T20:49:58+0000  by saspurs

Well its either the Capacitor or the Motor.  The Capacitor is a very simple fix if thats all it is.  You can try it first if you would like.

Just Contact Hampton Bay Customer Care with all the info you gave me.  UPC, SKU ect...



Monday - Friday 8am-6pm est

Closed Saturday and Sunday



Posted 2012-08-03T14:10:58+0000  by AAriondo
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