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Hampton Bay Cherokee 56 in. Ceiling Fan Model 746 067

I just got this fan installed, but the installer was unable to locate the reverse switch. As per the the instructions in the manual, the switch is supposed to be located on top of motor housing. However, neither of us are able to find the switch. Please help.
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Posted 2011-09-07T21:18:57+0000  by VMAN VMAN

Hello VMAN,


Welcome to the community.


Sorry to here that you are having difficulties finding the reverse switch. They might have changed the design since the instruction manual was written and forgot to update that section.:smileysad:


I was unable to find an instruction manual that had something different so I tried to call the Hampton Bay Customer Service Line to find out from them but they were closed for the day. So my suggestion would be to give them a call and they will be able to help you get your fan going the right direction. Here is the contact information for them.


From what I was reading about this model it looks like you should be able to reverse the direction from the remote also.:smileyhappy:


I hope this gets your fan turning the right direction.


Let me know if you have any other question. I would love to help.





Posted 2011-09-07T23:18:09+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
I've been jacking with this stupid fan for half an hour. The reverse switch is not located on top of the fan motor as described in the manual, it's actually located on the light assembly itself. Hope this helps.
Posted 2012-06-24T20:51:25+0000  by TheKleaner
I am very surprised that the installer did not see this at time of the instal
Posted 2012-06-26T15:48:14+0000  by AAriondo
I have the same fan and just installed it yesterday. My issue is more complex and I hope you are able to assist. The only button that works on the remote it the light on/off button. I am unable to use the low,med, and high buttons on the remote as when I press them, I hear a click but nothing happens. I also would like to be able to turn off the fan with keeping the light on. Do you think that I need a new transceiver? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Posted 2012-08-29T01:37:24+0000  by slimjim_002002
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