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Hampton Bay Dip Switches 52a4hr4t

I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan model 52a4hr4t. I am trying to determine where the receiver and dip switches on the fan are located before taking anything apart. I can't find any manual and there isn't any panel to open.

Does anybody know where it is located or have a manual for it?


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Posted 2016-08-14T14:34:21+0000  by couto couto
Hey couto.

Give out Hampton bay folks a call and lets see what they can do for you.

hampton bay customer service
Posted 2016-08-14T15:31:02+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
I'll call. I'm surprised it is so hard to find manuals for Hampton Bay fans. Great fans but the manuals should be available online in off format from the Hampton Bay website.

Posted 2016-08-15T00:45:12+0000  by couto
Hello couto.

Every ceiling fan I have seen has the remote's receiver located in the canopy space up next to the ceiling.  This is because the receiver "interrupts" the wiring connections between the fan and the house supply wires.  That canopy either has a screw or two holding it on, or it can be twisted off in order to access the wiring inside.  The body of the receiver is where you will find the dip switch to sync the receiver to the remote.

Owners manuals for fans currently in production are often found on the website.  For older fans this process is not so straightforward.  The Hampton Bay support team may be able to provide you with what you need.  Please get the UPC code off the sticker located on top of the motor housing so they can identify the manufacturer and the exact model of your fan.


Posted 2016-08-16T13:45:51+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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