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Hampton Bay EF200D repairs...



Can anyone tell me how I can go about getting my Hampton Bay EF200D ceiling fan repaired/rebuilt?  I lost low speed a couple years ago and now when I turn it on high speed it chatters like it's losing a bearing.  Love the fan.  It's been running 24-7 since it was installed in 2002 (and still has the same four 40w Phillips Halogena bulbs I put in it during the initial installation).  The only times it's been off is during a power outage or when I'm cleaning the blades.  I'd rather not replace it since the newer fans lack all the key features this fan has (five quick release blades, white on white, 4 standard sized light bulbs with cut crystal shades, designed for remote control--no chains).



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Posted 2013-07-14T12:20:29+0000  by LCB271 LCB271

Hi LCB271, I’m Ken with Home Depot. Welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you’re having a problem with you fan.


To get you some help right away, you will need some information. You need the correct model number and the UPC code. You can find these on a sticker on top of the motor housing. You may need a small mirror to help you get this information. You need this information as there are several manufactures of Hampton Bay fans.


Once you have this information you can place a call to the Hampton Bay Customer Service Team and they can help you figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.


If you need to order repair parts, you can do that at the same time.


Here is the Hampton Bay Customer Service phone number 1-877-527-0313 M-F 8am-5pm (EST).

Posted 2013-07-15T16:23:22+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

Thanks Ken,


Hehe...yeah, I had to use an inspection mirror, but with my eye sight with everything upsidedown and backwards, the print looked like it was written in cyrillic, lol.  I ended up using the inspection mirror and a digital camera on the macro setting.  Then I just had to flip the pic and rotate it 180 dg.  It actually worked surprisingly well.  Had to do this to get the model number, BTW.


Fan data


Anyway, thanks for the response.  BTW, is there a current equivalent model of this fan?  I'm looking at replacing the old four blade, non-remote, non-lighted fan in the livingroom with a remote controlled model with lights on it since our floor lamp failed over the weekend.

Posted 2013-07-16T03:32:53+0000  by LCB271

Hi LCB271, great job on getting me the needed  information. The picture is perfect. This fan was made by a company called King of Fans.


I contacted them, and found that your fan is no longer being made. However King of Fans stated, if you call them, they can help you trouble shoot the fan.


If it turns out it’s the motor, King of Fans stated you could mail them the motor.However you have to have them trouble shoot the fan first with you.


As for an equivalent fan that is white, has a remote and lights, there are many to choose from. You can take a look on

Home Type in Hampton Bay ceiling fans, and go shopping.


Thank you again for providing the information and getting back to me so quickly. The number to King of Fans is 1-800-330-3267, option #1.

Posted 2013-07-18T15:57:35+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

Thanks, Ken.  Much appreciated. :smileyvery-happy:

Posted 2013-07-18T23:02:29+0000  by LCB271

Hi Ken,


My hampton bay fan needs work.  


The UPC # 082392355548.  


Can you look this up for me?


The fan works some times and sometimes not I am looking for a troubleshooting guide / repair information 





Posted 2013-10-09T19:13:57+0000  by natere2ster

Hi Natere2ster, glad to see you’re back on the forum.  Thanks for providing the UPC code, that will help the Hampton Bay Service Team look up the manufacture. If you have the manual, it usually includes a troubleshooting guide.


If you do not have a manual you can place a call to the Hampton Bay Customer Service Team and they can help you figure out what the problem is and how to fix it. They can also get you a manual if your fan is still manufactured. You can also order repair parts while you’re on the phone with them if needed



Here is the Hampton Bay Customer Service  phone number, 1-877-527-0313, M-F 8am-6pm (EST).


Posted 2013-10-10T16:12:43+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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