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Hampton Bay Fan

I've just moved into a rental property and inherited a beautiful Hampton Bay ceiling fan in the kitchen. The fan and lights work, however, the fan seems to have a "sticking" point as it turns.... It turns smoothly but then scrapes through the spot, which makes the fan noisy with a repeated noise as it spins. When turned by hand without power, it does the same thing. Spins smoothly until it hits the "glitch" then scrapers by and spins smoothly again until it reaches that spot. Ideas on cause and repair?
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Posted 2013-07-13T21:46:44+0000  by Owen Owen

Hello Owen,


Thank you for joining us here on the community!


It sounds like it could possibly be two things; either the fan is off-balanced or the motor housing got damaged somewhere.


I would doubt it's the former; since you could actually see the fan being off-balanced.


If it is the motor housing, then it's going to be honestly a pretty tall order to get it repaired. This is usually due to the ceiling fan's motor components being sealed and inaccessible.


That's still not to say that you can take the fan down after turning off the power. Once you do this, you can visually see if any dust or debris is lodged in the blades or parts you can observe once the fan is down.


If this doesn't help, I would say the next best step would be to contact Hampton Bay and see if they have a replacement motor they can sell to you. You will need to get the model number and/or UPC information on the sticker on top of the housing. After you find this, you can call Hampton Bay's customer service line shown below.


Update me on your progress when you can, and I hope this information has assisted you.



Posted 2013-07-17T18:34:21+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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