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Hampton Bay Fan

The Hampton Bay fan in our new home has a bad wobble especially on medium speed.The fan was in the home and I can't  find a model number. I have checked and tightened every screw and bolt that I could  find. With all of the blades removed I noticed that the spinning part that the blades attach to rotates a bit eccentrically. Nothing in this mechanism is loose. Any ideas?
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Posted 2017-09-06T02:09:39+0000  by eskasteve eskasteve
Hello eskasteve, and welcome to the Community!

Sorry I don't know what is causing the weird wobble, but if you are sure it's a Hampton Bay, I suggest you contact them directly at the number below, they may have suggestions where to look for a model number.

Posted 2017-09-07T13:21:35+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Hey eskasteve.

The Home Depot sells balancing kits for ceiling fans. Just like you put weights on the wheels of your car, you do the same thing with your ceiling fans.

Posted 2017-09-07T16:45:03+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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