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Hampton Bay Fan - How to "Un"-Install the canopy

We are replacing an outdated Hampton Bay ceiling fan from 10 years ago but cannot remove the canopy from the ceiling mount. There are no visible screws by which it is attached. Any ideas?

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Posted 2011-05-23T00:06:54+0000  by jf jf

I have a flush mounted Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan which is about 10 years old which I cannot dismount.  It looks like a Brookhurst 52 in Ceiling Fan but with a with a flush mount.

There are no screws around the cover which is flush to the ceiling and there is no room between the casing around the motor and the cover against the ceiling.

MODEL NO.        C552HTT(CH) BLK

UPC#:                   718167007755

VENDOR No.      655310

SERIAL #:             AAB0251822

Can you tell me how to remove the ceiling fan?

Here is a picture from the side.

Posted 2014-06-21T13:26:54+0000  by BobDeschner

We cannot find the installation manual for our Hampton Bay flush mount ceiling fan Model #54SHRL and need to replace the receiver. We have tried to no avail to get the canopy off and cannot figure out how it comes off.  We have the replacement part but still can't figure it out.  Can anyone help us with either the manual or walk us through?

Posted 2013-03-30T19:31:15+0000  by schlagergayle

Hello rdw.  Welcome to the Community!


Thank you for providing the UPC of 043263-127787 – this is the exact information needed!  We have identified the fan as the Hampton Bay White Contractor’s Edition Quick Connect Ceiling Fan, manufactured by Shell Electric, 


The manufacturer can provide an instruction manual for your use.  They do not have a downloadable manual, but they can send you a PDF file version if you send an email asking for one to this address:


Include the UPC code and ask them to reply with an instruction manual attachment.


They can be also be contacted directly at 1-800-527-3675 (select extension 502 for customer service).









Posted 2013-03-26T20:12:20+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

How do I get the top ring off?  Hampton Bay  UPC 043263 127787.     Can I get a downloadable manual. Just purchased the home with this fan.


Posted 2013-03-24T21:23:38+0000  by rdw

Hello themeister.  Welcome to the Community!


Sometimes it just helps to know the various ways parts can be assembled in order to figure out what might work.  We are glad to have you join the forum and glad as well we could provide some help.

Please keep us updated on your projects and feel free to join in helping others.




Posted 2013-03-12T15:37:45+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

I struggled with mine for weeks....Even bought a strap wrench.  Nothing worked until I read this thread.  The darn thing is reverse-threaded.  Turned it slightly to the right (unlike what the instructions that come with it say) and it popped off.


Wish I had read this thread earlier.

Posted 2013-03-12T14:24:06+0000  by themeister

Hello RobertMees.  Welcome to the Community!


The majority of fan canopies that I have seen have an inner body that is screwed in and an outer one that in essence hides the screws.  This is why the usual practice is to rotate the outer canopy/ring just a little to release it.  Now you will see exposed screws that will allow you to remove the entire canopy.


Some models, like my flush mount at home, have exposed screws right up at the ceiling which need to be removed in order to lower the canopy.  They are exposed but cannot be easily seen unless you are on a ladder at near ceiling height.


Some models have 2 exposed rings, where the lower one either pulls straight down off a friction fit, (rare), or also needs to be twisted slightly left or right before it drops.  Once removed the mounting screws become exposed.


Unless someone has painted the ceiling after the fan was installed, I cannot imagine the need for any tool to pry or twist the parts.  


If you are stumped on how to remove the fan, the installation manual will show you how it is designed.

We can help you get a downloadable manual if you can supply the brand and UPC code from the sticker on the fan.

The sticker is usually found on the motor housing facing the ceiling where it would normally not be seen.





Posted 2013-01-15T20:01:57+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Did you need to use anything to pop off the top ring? I can't get it to budge. My fan is 12 years old and the upper ring will not move.

Posted 2013-01-15T18:36:37+0000  by RobertMees
The model I( was attempting to replace has two decorative rings! one at the ceiling that is just "pressed into place" no screws or rotation, just gently pull down. Once removed I found three set screws.
Posted 2012-12-31T13:31:33+0000  by SouthernMan

This is the worst design in the world.  I've tried for an hour to get this off and can not.  I'm sweating and my thumb is bleeding.  

Posted 2012-12-29T22:54:37+0000  by rgoldston
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