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Hampton Bay Fan Light Blew

Any thoughts on what could be the cause of light not working with remote.  It appeared that a bulb blew with a loud ping.  Now we can only get remote to work for the fan and not the light.

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Posted 2012-09-24T02:48:24+0000  by smishkin smishkin

Hi smishkin and thanks for your question. 


The first thing you will do is change the light bulb. Bulbs will sometimes make a weird noise when they blow. Then put a new battery in the remote.  If the light still fails to work we must check the wiring to and from the receiver in the fan.  If the wiring is sound than the receiver is possibly bad and should be replaced.   You will need the UPC located on the top of the motor housing.  Then call 1-877-527-0313 op 2.   I hope this helps.   Stukas


I am a master trade specialist with the home depot

Posted 2012-09-24T13:48:05+0000  by Stukas

Model 207 0r 206-  Dome cover indicates simply turn and it drops donw (or opens).  No such luck, I took the whole fan off the ceiling and did everything but brake the dome to get it off. I tried pushing it up and then turning, prying it off, and anything else  you can think of. I even tried disasembling it from the underside (motor side) but it seams there is no way to easily disasemble the motor either. -  It is impossible to get this dome off.  It just turns with no apparant grove or other place to drop down so I can replace the bulb-  I am an engineer, and very handy, but this thing got me beat!!


Anyone have any advise.



Posted 2012-11-13T00:32:56+0000  by rich376
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