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Hampton Bay Fan Motor

I have a Hampton Bay fan.  Don't know the model. It's a 5 blade fan with a light.  All of a sudden it stopped working.  No response to the chain.  Is replacing the motor a big ordeal or is it one of these things where it's cheaper to buy new?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Dave in Florida

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Posted 2011-08-20T22:46:07+0000  by flagcomm1 flagcomm1

Hampton Bay fans are gauranteed for a lifetime and if you bring it back to the Home Depot store, even without a receipt, they will return it.  It helps if it is still in stock and you can make an even trade, or you can look the fan up online and see how much it cost if you want to pay more for an upgrade.  I found this out when two of my Hampton Bay fans quit on me.  The only thing that is bad about the situation is Home Depot will not pay an installation fee on the new fan.  Hope this helps and good luck.

Posted 2011-08-21T03:18:40+0000  by g_c

Hey flagcomm1.


There might be a very easy solution to this problem. Your fan has a 3 speed switch that is connected to the pull chain that is much more likely to go bad than the motor. The Home Depot sells this switch for only a few bucks and can be replaced in a matter of minutes.

3 speed switch.jpg


These 3 speed switches can come as a 3 or 4 wire switch. You can usually gain access to this switch by dropping down the light kit. First, you will need to kill the power by flipping the breaker off. Then once you see the switch, count the number of wires that go to it. Come into the store and let my electrician get you hooked up with the proper switch and answer any other questions you might have. They can demonstrate this on one of their fans for you if you want more clarity.


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Posted 2011-08-21T15:23:14+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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