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Hampton Bay Fan problem

We have several Hampton bay fans in our home and just recently two of them are having problems. One, that has a light on it as well - has simply stopped working - it's getting power but that's about it. Do these need to be oiled or cleaned out?
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Posted 2011-07-21T22:58:20+0000  by FT334 FT334

Hello FT334 and welcome to The Community!  We are glad that you are here. 


There may be several issues that have stopped the fans from performing.  Can you provide additional information about the fans - including the models and approximate age?  Do they have remotes?  Were any dimmers or additional lights added to the line recently?  Were other ceiling fans or remote control devices installed in the home recently?  Are other appliances in your home experiencing issues?  


Locate the sticker on top of the motor housing with a 12 digit UPC code (all numbers – no letters).  We will need this code to identify the exact manufacturer and model of the fan and that will facilitate the troubleshooting process. 


We look forward to helping you and your ceiling fans.  Thank you for joining the discussions.


Posted 2011-07-22T18:10:42+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

The one that stopped completely is about 10 years old, no remotes, no new dimmers (it's getting power).

The UPC number is 792145326601
Vendor # is 11289

No other issues with other electric appliances in our home.
Posted 2011-07-22T18:23:09+0000  by FT334

Hello again FT334 and thank you for being such a loyal Hampton Bay ceiling fan customer!


I spoke to technical support to get the best information for you and your fans.  The UPC number you gave is for the "Pearl" ceiling fan.  Most likely the capacitor has gone out.  The capacitor controls the start feature and the 3 speeds.  You will need to purchase a new capacitor to fix the fan and it should start working (and cooling) again.


Now for the lights.  Can you replace the bulbs to see if that solves the problem?  If that does not work, then you will probably need a new light kit.


Since the unit is no longer available, please contact T.A.L. at 1-877-902-5588 x 117 to order the parts for your Pearl ceiling fan. 


It is a best practice that you do not oil or clean out this fan. 


I hope this helps and you are able to enjoy your fan for years to come!



Posted 2011-07-22T18:53:48+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
Ok thanks - the lights work fine. - all set.

I'll call the number for a capacitor - too bad I couldn't pick it up at a store.

Thanks though.
Posted 2011-07-22T19:20:57+0000  by FT334

Thanks for the speedy update FT334!  I am glad to hear that the lights are working.  The capacitor needed for the Pearl ceiling fan is available only through T.A.L.  Hopefully you and your ceiling fan will back in business soon.  Best wishes!



Posted 2011-07-22T19:23:42+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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