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Hampton Bay Fan remote only turns on light and low speed

Hello there,

We recently purchased a Hampon Bay Bercello Estates II 52in Ceiling fan and installed it. A bettery did not come with the remote, which was disppointing. The fan and light works. However the remote only seems to transmit the light on/off and the low fan speed based on the red LED indicator on the remote. The fan does not respond when the Med or High is pushed, not the off. It seems rather strange the the remote partially works. Is it a defective remote?

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Posted 2011-10-29T21:03:02+0000  by subwaymark subwaymark

Hi, SubwayMark.

I'm sorry about the issues with your fan, but I think we can get them resolved for you relatively simply.

Thank you for providing the details and the fan make/model, that has us moving in the right direction.

Please email me your contact information so I can get you on the line with the tech support department to discuss the problems & advise exactly which part is causing the issue (if it is a part), otherwise they can troubleshoot the installation with you to be sure there is nothing there that may be causing this.

Please remind me we spoke on the How-To Community as well.

- Thanks, Nicki (


Posted 2011-10-31T16:12:10+0000  by THDCustomerCare

The Hampton Bay remote I purchased at Home Depot (model # U07078T) will not work.  I purchased it ~ 5 months ago.  I have had it mounted on the wall and rarely use it.  I replaced the nine volt battery to see if that would do the trick and it still is not working.  The red indicator light remains on at all times (with the replacement battery as well).  Will you please let me know what I need to do or where I can find instructions to read?


Thank you

Posted 2012-11-05T02:06:23+0000  by lmoses
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