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Hampton Bay Gazebo II Plus fan light - dimmable?

I have separate lines to the light/fan and would like to install a dimmer switch for the light. The fan comes with 13W CFL bulbs (which are not dimmable). The bulb socket says it is rated for 60W, but there are several stickers that say to use the 13w bulbs. I know I could get a dimmable CFL/LED bulb/switch kit, but I would prefer to use a standard bulb. Is it unsafe to use a 60w bulb?
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Posted 2013-05-19T01:33:57+0000  by Dcalens Dcalens

IF you have Edison sockets on the fan light, then yes, you can install incandescent bulbs and a dimmer for incandescent bulbs. Don't worry about the wattage.  If the sockets say they can go to X watts, then you can use bulbs up to X watts.  HOWEVER, some fans now come with a wattage clipping circuit.  Meaning, the federal nannies don't want you to exceed 92 watts total for your fan.  Install the bulbs you want and the worst thing that will happen is if you install 4 x 100 watt bulbs, they will be auto dimmed by the fan electronics and you won't get 400 watts of light out of your bulbs.

Posted 2013-05-19T16:18:15+0000  by spockmckoy
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