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Hampton Bay Gazebo Plus ceiling fan

I have 3 of these fans that have operated perfectly for over 3 years. A week ago, one of them lost high speed. Low and medium speeds still work while high speed is more like medium. Is it the switch or something else?

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Posted 2013-09-01T01:47:45+0000  by TprJeff TprJeff



If your fan speeds are not running like they should, it is most likely you just need a new capacitor. The Hampton Bay customer service team can help you with this, but they will need the 12 digit UPC (looks like 123456-123456), is found on a sticker on the top of the motor housing (also on receipt & barcode on box). I've attached a picture of the sticker the UPC/SKU is on so you can find it easily.

If this cannot be located, you will need to speak with the team, then send a picture of the fan so they can attempt to identify, then get you to the tech support department for the specific fan you have. (There are several HB manufacturers who provide tech support & stock parts for the items they produce for Hampton Bay.)

Please give our Hampton Bay team a call after you locate this information, they will assist you to resolution.

Hampton Bay Customer Service: 877-527-0313

- Nicki

Posted 2013-09-03T13:53:53+0000  by THDCustomerCare

Thank you. I have already ordered a new capacitor after installing a known good switch and still having the same problem.

Posted 2013-09-03T15:03:22+0000  by TprJeff
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