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Hampton Bay LED Track Lighting

I just installed a Hampton Bay LED Track Lighting kit today and am noticing flicker in 2 out of three of the light units. One is almost constantly flickering, and another does so only occasionally. I'm powering the track using the outlet adapter as I don't have convenient access to hardwire it. 

I've tried moving the lights around, reseating them, and made sure that the power connection is secure. The same light units continue to flicker regardless of where I put them on the track. Is there something I'm missing or are these light units defective? 
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Posted 2015-07-12T22:06:06+0000  by sullivan sullivan
My gut reaction is something is bad, who knows exactly what.  I'd return it to the store for an exchange.

 If you want to fool around, what happens if you attach each light unit individually?
Posted 2015-07-12T23:07:23+0000  by Adam444
They each behave the same as if they were on the track together. My assumption is that the power converter on one is really bad, another is a little shaky, and the third one is ok....for now. Gotta love quality Chinese electronics. 

I'd hate taking the whole unit back since it's installed now, but I guess it's better than having a shoddy product that will need to be replaced in a year. 
Posted 2015-07-13T21:36:30+0000  by sullivan
We certainly seem to be in a race to the bottom in terms of quality and it's a race the consumer never wins.  Of course, the consumer is a bit to blame too.  We often want inexpensive products.

I'm not sure of the exact product you have but does the track supply line voltage (120v) and each light "head" has a transformer to step it down?  If so, maybe but another set and just replace the lights rather than the track too.  Then just return the whole thing.
Posted 2015-07-14T00:42:53+0000  by Adam444
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