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Hampton Bay Landscape Lighting, lights only work at beginning of cable.

Howdy. I purchased the following for landscape lighting:

- Hampton Bay 120 Watt Transformer
- Hampton Bay 20W Flood lights (x9)
- Southwire 14/2 Landscape wire 100ft (x2)
- Swapped out all the included 20W halogen bulbs with 6.8W LED bulbs (x9)

The problem I am having is that only the first few fixtures light up. It's almost like any lights beyond 30 - 50ft don't light. I don't think it's a break in the line because I tried three different cables and tried both ends of each cable -- in each case if I take even a single flood light and plug it in near the transformer it works fine, but at soon as I move it 30 - 50ft away the fixture no longer powers on (it's not dim, it's either on or off) -- I have a hard time believing that three cables would all have a break in it.

I also tried plugging the cable into both the 12 and 15volt taps in the transformer.

Have I elected an incompatible set components? 

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Posted 2016-11-24T16:31:37+0000  by Rothgarr Rothgarr
Follow-up. I had both 100ft cables connected using some sort of splicing adapter. When I disconnected one so that the total length was only 100ft (instead of 200ft) the whole string worked. So I'm thinking I have the wrong gauge of cable maybe? I need about 100ft with 9 fixtures (each fixture with 6.8W LED bulb)
Posted 2016-11-24T16:45:57+0000  by Rothgarr

When we opened all the light fixtures, it appeared that some of them were returns since they didn't have the bubble wrap and paper packaging inside the box.

When I started troubleshooting again today I noticed that the pins in one of the light fixtures were bent so they clearly weren't piercing the wire. I'm willing to bet the pins were bent on the returned fixtures. I checked the remaining fixtures that weren't working and they were all bent, too (even the ones that I didn't suspect as returns, but I moved those fixtures so many times trying to trouble-shoot I'm sure I bent those myself). I was able to straighten out all the pins and the fixtures all worked (except for one fixture and one bulb that are defective -- I'll return those).

I'm really bummed as I purchased an additional cable trying to solve this and I don't think I can return them since the packaging is all torn and I cut the cables. I wish I had thought to check the pins sooner than later as I could have saved myself hours of trial-and-error and extra trips to the store. But I'm also happy with the results as the lights look great now.
Posted 2016-11-25T16:32:42+0000  by Rothgarr

Hey Rothgarr,

Glad to see you troubleshooted the problem, but equally as important, that you shared it with us here on the community.

This is a great example of making sure all parts to a project are in good shape before you install everything....although with it being small pins at the sockets, this isn't always looked at every time.

I'm glad your lights are all in fully working order, and let us know if you have any further questions you may have.

Thanks again for stopping by the community,


Posted 2016-11-26T19:37:29+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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