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Hampton Bay Larson 52" pull chain wiring sequence?

Yet another pull chain wiring question, as it seems each model is slightly different.  My aunt has a HB Larson model AL42-BN, SKU 337293.  My cousin pulled the chain out tonight.  She had extra dog-tag chain, so rather than think to buy a whole new pull switch, I got into Ms. Fixit mode and figured I would at least give a try at replacing just the chain section itself.  I'm pretty convinced now that those little mechanisms are not meant to be taken apart, just replaced.  Anyway, got the pull chain replaced and back together, but like so many before me, didn't pay close enough attention to the wire sequence.  I do know the purple was closest to the chain.  It now only works on the 3rd pull, and I believe it's medium or high speed. (aye carumba!) 


Can you help?  

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Posted 2012-09-24T03:46:37+0000  by Maggie808 Maggie808

Hi Maggie and thanks for your question. 


The purple wire should be on 3,. The gray wire on 1, brown on 2, and black on L.  If you have a yellow or orange wire let me know because the sequence changes.   I hope this helps.   Stukas


I am a master trade specialist with the home depot 

Posted 2012-09-24T13:39:33+0000  by Stukas
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