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Hampton Bay Light Kit stays on only 1 second

My 1-1/2 year old Hampton Bay 'Springview' 52" ceiling fan has a bowl-type light kit with 3 small chandelier bulbs that came with the Fan.  When I turn on the wall switch (fan has a normal switch, no remote), the fan works fine, but the lights stay on only for about 1 second, then turn off.  It keeps doing this whenever I turn it on.  Obviously the fan and light kit is getting power and the bulbs are not burned out.  Above the light kit are a gray speed controller to the pull chain and a little black box with a white, red, and blue wire, which may be the culprit.  The blue wire goes down to the black wire from the light kit. 

How do I test and fix this?  


Black box is Rhine Electrical Part PL-190B.  If it is the problem, where do I find a replacement?

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Posted 2012-11-04T23:47:59+0000  by SuziRider SuziRider

I by-passed the black box (=some sort of 190W power limiter?) by splicing the red wire from the plug to the fan to the blue wire (which goes to the black light wire below) with one of those blue tube splicers.  The lights work now.  Is there any harm caused by this?  


Why is the black box there to begin with, especially on a fan-light combo that comes with tiny candelabra lights?  It just seems to be one more source of unnecessary problems.  It is not like someone can put in 100W spotlights in the fact, the slightly larger 7W fluorescent candelabra lights barely fit (they are squeezed in tight!).

Posted 2012-11-05T00:52:06+0000  by SuziRider

Hi, Suzi!
Thanks for reaching out. We can help you with this. We appreciate you knowing the name of the fan, but since there have been 3 models of this fan made, we will need the 12 digit UPC (looks like 123456-123456) so we can get you in touch with the tech support team to diagnose the issue & advise what part is needed to resolve. You can find this on the sticker on the top of the motor housing (also on receipt & barcode on box). I've attached a picture of the sticker the UPC/SKU is on so you can find it easily.

If this cannot be located, a picture of the fan will be needed to identify, then we can get you to the tech support department for the specific fan you have. (We have several HB manufacturers who provide tech support for the items they produce for Hampton Bay.)

Please give our Hampton Bay team a call after you locate this information, they will assist you to resolution.

Hampton Bay Customer Service: 877-527-0313


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Posted 2012-11-05T16:02:59+0000  by THDCustomerCare

I also have a Hampton Bay 52" Ceiling Fan with Light Kit-Mine is the Edisto 844 854 and I too have aproblen with the light kit-The fan works well but the light which contains the three small candalabra bulbs comes on for about a second and then goes out.  I have checked all of the connections and all are good to go-it has to be the light kit-My ceiling fan w/kit Number is 718212349083

Posted 2012-11-19T22:44:53+0000  by av8ordon
I just got off the phone with the Support Personnel and my repair kit which is on back order will be shipped to me as soon as they come off back order which should be in about three weeks.
Posted 2012-11-19T22:46:22+0000  by av8ordon
Same issue, will call hampton bay support... Jerking the fan turns the lite on for a few seconds....
Posted 2013-09-15T15:28:00+0000  by UK
I am having the same problem also. Our Hampton Bay ceiling fan, UPC # 718212149225 is beautiful, fan works, but the light stays on and then goes off after a second. We used the bulbs that came with it too. Thank you to whomever can solve this. I am ready to use a ceiling fan with light again.

Posted 2013-10-09T18:48:02+0000  by Angelat82

I just did the same thing in our Harbor Breeze fan, to by-pass a part number PL-190B.  Thanks SuziRider for the input.  Works great.

Posted 2014-02-04T00:40:41+0000  by Tuffey
I called the number above and Home Depot was very helpful.  They connected me with the Hampton Bay tech and he had me check the wattage of the bulbs.

It seems that when my electrician installed the fan a year and a half ago they put in 60 Watt bulbs, but they should have been 40 watt bulbs.  There's some kind of electrical regulator that finally kicked in (after 18 months) shutting down the light when too many watts were passing through.  The solution was just to change the three bulbs from 60 W to 40 W and it's working well now.

I hope that helps anyone else before going to any more trouble.

Posted 2015-02-14T15:11:21+0000  by neilcritter
So I have a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan in my home that has worked fine for about 18 months (without ever changing bulbs or remote battery) and then suddenly the lights would come on for one second and then shut off and the fan would not work at all. Mine did have a remote though. I read half a million forums and manuals for ceiling fans trying to find what might cause this. When I tried to use the remote, the light on the remote was bright leading me to believe that the remote was getting enough power from the battery. Granted, I never used the remote and only used the wall switch to turn the ceiling fan and lights on/off. As a last minute effort I tried to reset the remote to reset it's connection to the fan and then suddenly the light on the remote was barely showing. So all I had to do was replace the remote battery and the ceiling fan and lights started working perfectly again!!! If you don't have a remote this might not be your problem but this was the first forum that popped up when I tried to google my problem and I'm hoping this might be able to help someone else too!!!!
Posted 2019-04-04T13:24:35+0000  by eawright02
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