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Hampton Bay Sidewinder -- significant scraping noise



Hoping I might get lucky with a recommendation here.


I installed a Hampton Bay Sidewinder back in 2009, and it has recently begun making a scraping noise on each rotation.  I assume this is something with the motor.  


Unfortunately this fan is mounted around 15 feet high and I don't own or have access to a ladder large enough to troubleshoot it -- (I installed the other fans myself but had this one installed by an electrician because of the height).


I'm guessing the receipt for this may be buried in my paperwork, but before I go digging, is there anything I can do preemptively to avoid having to buy and install another fan?  If this ends up being a warranty claim, I assume I will have to take the fan down, return it, wait for shipment, replace the part myself, etc?


Hoping there is some "least path of resistance" I can take with this.  I assume the easiest method will be just buying a new fan, but that's certainly NOT my preference :smileysad:

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Posted 2013-09-16T17:46:24+0000  by vector vector

One other comment that is worth noting -- I am certain this is not a balancing issue, the fan does not wobble and the scraping noise occurs even if the fan is off and almost no rotating at all.

Posted 2013-09-16T18:13:37+0000  by vector

Hi, Vector.

Thank you for providing the product name/model & the details of the situation.

Unfortunately, there has to be troubleshooting done with the fan in order to determine what the problem is before we can advise what options you have for resolving the problem.

In situations like this with the fan making a noise, our first way to determine the problem is to have the customer turn the fan in the off position, get up to the unit, and when it is fully still, simply try to push the blades with your hand. If the blades do move with your hand, then we automatically know the motor is not the problem, but rather it is simple the capacitor that is the issue. If that is the case, you don't have to pull the fan down, just call the MFTR & order the capacitor. If you don't feel comfy getting back up to the unit and replacing it yourself, then you might need an electrician again.


If after attempting to move the blades with your hands & they do not move at all, then that would confirm the motor is the problem. Under the limited lifetime warranty of Hampton Bay, the motor will be repaired/replaced at no charge to the customer, but the motor would have to be removed from the fan, shipped to the MFTR for repair/replacement, & then sent back to the customer to reinstall. The customer only needs to pay the shipping fee for this.


Without completing the troubleshooting tips above, we would not be able to resolve the issue with your fan. Please feel free to give our Hampton Bay Customer Care team a call at 877-527-0313 if you need any further assistance.


Thank you for reaching out.


Posted 2013-09-17T13:14:58+0000  by THDCustomerCare

Thanks for the reply!  So the blades do turn with the fan off (and the fan does make the sound with manual movement of the blades).  If I'm understanding you correctly, this is almost certainly the capacitor?

Posted 2013-09-18T22:52:20+0000  by vector
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