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Hampton Bay Southwind 52 in. ceiling fan Model # 52371 Remote Problem

I just installed a brand-new Hampton Bay Southwind 51inch Venetian Bronze Ceiling fan in my den. The light fixture came with the remote and all that has the On/Dimmer Switch, Fan speeds, Hi, Med, Lo, and Fan Off. The On/Dimmer button for the light will not work at all! The Hi button turns the light on AND puts the fan on high, the Med button dims the light AND puts the fan on medium, the Lo button turns the light out and puts the fan on lo. The Off button will turn the fan and the light off no matter which button for the fan is pushed. I can't seem to figure out why the On/Dimmer button won't work and why the light only comes on when the fan is running. Please somebody Help!

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Posted 2014-01-21T06:22:54+0000  by carroll825655 carroll825655

Hello carroll825655.  Welcome to the Community!


From what you have said, I think that the blue wire that operates the lights is somehow connected to the fan motor power wire instead of the blue receiver wire.  This would explain why the lights operate when the fan motor is running, why the lights dim on lower speeds and why the light switch/button on the remote does not seem to do anything.


Here is an excerpt from the instruction manual:


Fan Wiring.png


If you need a copy of the entire instruction manual, you can find it on-line here:


In addition, we have an expert support staff available if you need further help as shown below:




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Posted 2014-01-21T14:12:17+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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